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Thursday, May 3, 2012

a little sleep can be magic!

Maybe all I needed was a nap...
Because today,
I felt like little miss sunshine!

At track practice, a parent asked me
"Did you drink one of those Monster drinks?"

No energy drinks.
Just a little dose of a nap afterschool,
an early bedtime,
and 15 extra minutes to let myself "sleep in" this morning.

And wha-lah!

And the best part is,
Tomorrow is Friday!

Oh the things sleep will do for you!
What sunshine and perspective it brings!

Hopefully all this sunshine of mine
will bring me a nice little PR
at my race this weekend.
*fingers crossed*

And if all else fails,
a friend reminded me,
there's always another race to enter.


  1. I always forget what a difference sleep makes! Thanks for the reminder!! You and I are nap buddies-- I'll never forget the day last summer when you showed up to the movies and had already take three (or two?!) lol. I think we need some more team bonding time soon!

  2. Those extra sleep in minutes re-energize me too!