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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Delights

Since making my summer bucket list
I've been pretty determined to follow through
and complete at least one thing each day of summer.

Well, getting sick was not planned,
which has put a wrench in getting a few of the easy things crossed off.
(If you know me, I never get sick.  And when I do, I'm a HUGE baby!)
I admit that I haven't run once so far on this summer vacation!
Nor have I spent any time by the pool!
What kind of start to summer is this?!

However, after spending two days forced to lounge inside,
I had to get out of the house, despite my lack of energy.
I was in the mood to thrift, so Chris and I headed to 
Roseville's Antique Trove today to get a start on #16.
Much to my delight, I stumbled upon this cute juice pitcher 
for only 12 dollars and decided it had to be mine!
I just love the patterns and can't wait to fill it with a batch of fresh lemonade.
Perhaps that calls for a recipe on Pinterest,
which will allow me to start on #13!

After some time strolling among the antiques,
we headed to the bookstore next.
I'm trying to stick to my "Book a Week" plan,
so next on the list will be this one:

Said to be a modern day Catcher in the Rye
I've got high hopes for this one,
which gives me a little push of motivation
to get done with the book I'm reading now.

For being sick,
I've had a little luck on this Wednesday.

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  1. Feel better! And, let me know how that book is-- sounds good!