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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

College Talk

At my school, we're all about college.
Each classroom is named after a different university.
We have "College Shirt Fridays."
 We use "college walk" and encourage "college talk."

My classroom is named after UCLA.
Our student of the day is known as "Bruin of the Day."
Our class money is known as "Bruin Bucks."
And we even have a class cheer!

Now, I am completely aware that college is not for everyone.
However, in my opinion, if college is what you desire,
then you should have the opportunity to work toward this goal.
(Keep in mind I said "work toward.")
You're not going to get into college if you don't have drive.
Let that be said first.

I have been working hard with my students on this idea of
"College Talk."
Better known as academic discourse, college talk
is the way students interact and discuss ideas in class.
We have worked hard to understand what this 
sounds like and feels like within a classroom.

This week we did a little wrap-up,
reflecting on this "College Talk" that we've been using all year.
However, now it's changed from college talk to Academic Discourse.

As I looked at their responses,
I felt one of those moments where as a teacher
you feel proud.  You say to yourself,
"Wow, I taught them that.  They learned this from me."
Yet, the words they reflected were deeper
than I ever could have articulated myself.

So let me brag for just a second and 
share some of their work with you.

(All you non-teachers out there,
this may make no sense, 
but it's a big deal to me.)

 Students created "Team Statements" to declare their 
own definitions and opinions of academic discourse.
 "It is important because it helps you be brave in college."
My favorite one from this page: 
"It makes you feel like a genius."
This group felt the need to highlight their cooperative effort
by labeling each group member on their Team Statement. 


  1. Umm-- I love that you had them make up team statements, I need to remember to try this sometime. You inspire me always!

  2. Awww, thanks friend! I'm on a mission to incorporate more Kagen Strategies! I have the book and I can share it with you for next year!! And I'm a huge geek for doing this activity with them about AD, but it actually turned out SO cute! :)