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Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Bonding and Best Summer Ever #1

I don't think I brag about my family enough.
So this post is dedicated to them.

This weekend I had the pleasure to serve as
Camp Director of the Friedrich Family "Camping Trip."
Though long ago it did begin as a true camping trip.

We rented 3 awesome houses in South Lake Tahoe,
with enough room to sleep all 32 of us,
in addition to the 5 that came just for the day.
Complete with a softball game, volleyball game,
amazing food, Encore, betting on the Belmont,
pouting after a Celtics loss and beer pong, 
this trip was more than I could have ever hoped for.

However, the part that made the weekend was
Minute to Win It!
Yes, that's right.  My family played some games
inspired by the TV show, including ones called 
"Junk in the Trunk" and "Penny Hose."
Do you have members of your family that 
will willingly place their hands in a pair of panty hose
digging to grab two pennies?
Well I do!
Or family members that will race to unwind an entire roll of toilet paper?
Or attempt to inch a cookie from their forehead to their mouth?
I do!

Here's a sneak peek of my photos below:
My two cousins, Mary Kate and Maddy, competing during
"Face the Cookie." 

And let me tell you, my family is amazing!
For the most part I'd say we all get along,
 though we will take witty jabs at one another from time to time.
But if there weren't any jokes or one-liners
it wouldn't be a true Friedrich event.
We love impromptu games of Bridge and Apples to Apples.
We love to cheer for anything, even when it's just someone walking in the door.
We're loud, but we're lovable.
I feel lucky to call myself a Friedrich
and love sharing every minute with them!

I feel like the pictures can tell a better story of our weekend
than I can put into words.

A view from the lake looking up at one of the amazing
houses we rented.
Our own personal dock came with the house!

 Just a few of the players.

Spontaneous volleyball game at Raegen Beach.

 "Penny Hose" - My aunt Mary is a great sport!
"Bucket Head" - Toss 3 ping pong balls into the bucket...
On top of another players head!

 "Junk in the Trunk" - Shake 4 ping pong balls out.

 "Face the Cookie!"
 Another amazing view from our house.

My family rocks.  Just thought you should know!

*Side note: This counts as putting a checkmark by #1
on my summer bucket list; this being my first road trip of summer.

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  1. Umm, I now love your family. This is the kind of family togetherness that I hope to create in my family when I grow up... Out wait, I guess I'm a grown up... I mean when I have my own kids!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!