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Friday, May 4, 2012

Fried Brains and Hand Phones

This was a long week.
Due to testing, 
my kids brains are fried.

So today,
I broke out the "hand phone"
as we played
Who Wants to be a Science Millionaire.

"Hand phone?" you ask?
Don't tell me you've never pretended to
use your hand as a phone before.

What would have been even better 
is if I would have had a banana handy.
But I had already ate mine for snack at recess... 


As a way to get my kiddos excited to review science
I busted out a powerpoint millionaire game
a teacher had emailed me.

I used my equity sticks to choose a contestant for each question.
They stood up to the challenge.
If they could answer the question without help,
they earned 6 class dollars.
But they also had the option to 
"phone a friend."

Though I hoped that they could answer each question
without help,
I almost wanted them to phone a friend
just so I could use my "hand phone" and fun phone sound effects.

"Brrrrrrrrrring! This is the host of 
Who Wants to be a Science Millionaire.
Is this _________?
Well I have ___________ on the line and they need your help
to answer this question.  You'll have 30 seconds."


Anyway, you get the idea. 
The kids LOVED it!
I feared they'd lose all control as I turned on my 
game show voice and sound effects.
But they didn't.
It was so fun!

I love when spur of the moment,
crazy, fun learning happens!
It's sometimes better than those lessons
that you spend time planning.

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