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Monday, June 4, 2012

Best Summer Ever - #12 and #17

Well I guess technically summer has not yet arrived,
(especially because the weather outside is breezy and overcast)
however, my mind has been on summer vacation for a little while now.

When my students and I set goals,
I always remind them
"If you can talk the talk,
can you walk the walk?"
We always talk about how the action
is always harder than the plan.

Well, people,
my "Best Summer Ever List" is already in action!

Exhibit A:
My amazing dessert this evening!!!

I have already consumed massive amounts of 
strawberries and cantaloupe galore!
(I think I have a cantaloupe addiction.)
Thanks to my mother who always provided tons of 
summer fruit as a child.  
I'm convinced that's when the love affair began.
I won't lie.  
The cantaloupe you see above?
Yeah thats the 3rd cantaloupe I've cut up
in the last two weeks.
Nom, nom, nom!! I just can't get enough of it!

So, I suppose I won't have any trouble  crossing off #12: 
Eating a crap-TON of my favorite summer fruits - cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, etc!

Exhibit B:
The first book on my Summer Reading list!

Well I guess I will jump on the latest book bandwagon.
I'm not even sure I'll like it.
However, this is the first book up on my list for summer reading.
So that begins the quest to complete #17:
Reading at least 1 book for every week of summer vacation - 7 total.

I got this idea from Donalyn Miller
who wrote The Book Whisperer.
(one of my favorite teacher books!)
She has this awesome little challenge called
where you read 1 book for every day of your vacations.
This includes summer, Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks.
I have to admit, I'm not an avid reader,
but I aspire to be.
So I gave myself a challenge I think I can stick to.

Well, Summer Vacation, you're almost here!
And I still have hope that this will be
The Best Summer Ever.
And I look forward to "walking the walk" 
as I post more 
that it really was!

Stay tuned! 


  1. Yay best summer ever! Haha, love that you and Lisa are both reading 50 Shades... Will have to let me know what you think... I want to hear what else is on your list too! Do you use Good Reads to track your likes/lists? :D

  2. your bowl of fruit looks very yummy. I think I have to go get some of that to enjoy too.