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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I've always made friends easily,
ever since I was a little girl.
But these friends always came and went.

My mother always says,
"People come into our lives
for a reason,
a season,
or a lifetime."

I'm not one of those people
who has friends from the third grade,
or friends I've known since high school.
In fact, I wouldn't get caught dead
at my 10 year high school reunion
(which should be in 2012, by the way...).

However, I am reminded that the truest friends you'll ever have
pick up right where you left off,
even when it's been a few weeks,
months, or in some cases, years.


Some friends and I got together for a happy hour tonight.
It's been about a month or so since we've last seen one another.
But the conversation was full of laughter,
reminiscing, advice, and everything in between.
But it reminded me of the lesson I often preach to
my 5th graders:
Your true friends always find you.  They make time for you
and they never turn your back on you.  No matter how
long it's been since your last converstation.
They always find a way to bring you up,
even when you feel at your lowest.

My dad always reminds me,
"Don't hang out with mean people. 
Why would you want to waste this life of yours
on mean people?"

Tonight I am thankful for friends.

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