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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ah-ha's while running

I had the most amazing, 
run today!

I think I love running the most
when it clears my mind
and I find myself with all of these new
revelations and "ah-ha's!" about life.

Today was marked an easy day.
Easy days are harder than they seem.
I actually have to remind myself to
"Take it easy."

So today, I soaked up everything I could
during my run.
Appreciated the squawking ducks.
Smiled at the cute little boys racing on their trikes.
Relished in the cool breeze,
and found myself grateful that the rain has subsided
for a few more hours.

And as I ran,
I was reminded that teaching
and running are quite similar.
There are days when teaching 
feels like a freakin' marathon.
"Where's the next mile marker?"
Which translates to:
"When's the next school break?"

But then there are days,
like today.
Where I just soak it all in, 
and enjoy every last second of it.

Today was the first day back from Spring Break.
So, of course, the back-to-school
nightmares began on Friday night.
I had forgotten what days like today feel like.
So I dreaded coming back.
Drove my boyfriend nuts with my grumpiness.
Pouted all the way til' bedtime Sunday night.

But then, today was here.
Ready or not.
And you know what?
It was pretty darn awesome.
The kind of awesome that I feel when
I see that mile marker that makes me feel,
"Really? Already? I'm flying!"
That brings the smile, and the sense of victory.

The kids were angels!
They must have gotten sick of staying home
with their boring parents.
(They must have actually missed me.
Though they'll never admit it.)
They were excited!

You know how I could tell?

They arrived to school practically bursting
to show me their book project posters
for their Spring Break homework.
"Wanna see my poster?"
"Does this look okay?"
A few kids even knocked on my door early
just to ensure it made it to the classroom safely.
And I'll have you know,
I never get early-morning visitors in my room.

in the middle of teaching the difference between 
an independent clause and a dependent clause
one kid accidentally shouted "WAIT!"
because he was so excited to share his "ah-ha"
moment with us all.
And there it was:
the awesomeness.

Teaching is like running.
You feel like crap sometimes,
but mostly, you feel awesome!

Today, I'm feeling awesome.

And when I feel awesome,
I feel like running.

It's a cycle.
But which came first?
The teaching, then the running?
The running, then the teaching?
I don't really know.

All I know, is I feel awesome!

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