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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I often come across the random person or old friend who asks me, "Why do you run?"  People tell me I'm going to have knee problems when I'm older.  People say that the human body wasn't meant to undergo that kind of stress.  People tell me I'm just plain crazy.

I totally get it.  I never thought I'd be a runner.  In fact, I used to hate it.  Truth is, I joined the track team in high school for one month.  One month!  My wussy self could barely walk myself up the front driveway to my parents house because I was so sore and sick of it, so I quit.  It's probably the only sport I've ever quit. 

But really, let me just give you a picture of this love affair I have with this sport so you can see where I'm coming from.

Before - Unloved, unused, and spick and span.

After - Well loved, broke in, and dirty!

And really, here's what it all comes down to.  Call me a big fat dork, but here's my favorite part.  Here's what makes it worth it.

Today I sat down with my training log for Urban Cow. 
I'm a pencil and paper kinda girl.  I use my Nike+ information online, but I feel like seeing all laid out on a piece of paper is the best part.  See all those stars?  Those are logged miles.  Preparation.  The proof and confidence that I know I am going to KICK butt when Urban Cow finally gets here.

Yes, I will say that signing up to run a half marathon on my 27th birthday was kind of motivation in itself.  But when you sit down with a piece of paper like that, and see that you kick butt, it's the greatest motivation out there.  Because, yeah, I've missed a workout here and there.  But the workouts I almost missed because I was "too tired" or "didn't feel like it" are the ones that led me here today.

13.1 - Here I come!
And THAT is why I run!

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