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Monday, August 22, 2011

More of the FUN in Fifth Grade!

Well everyone, I am now beginning the fourth week of fifth grade...
And I can honestly say, I'm still having fun!
Here's an amazing little thing called "Homeworkopoly" that I discovered at http://teachnet.com/manage/classroom-decor/get-work-done-by-playing-homeworkopoly/
It's basically the best motivator ever to get my kiddos to actually do and CARE about their homework!  The rules are: If you do your homework every single day with no excuses, exceptions, or absences, you get to play Homeworkopoly on Friday afternoons.  Community Chest is now Community Lunchbox, which earns you lunch with the teacher.  Chance cards include prizes like "first in the lunch line," "free homework pass," "sit in the teachers chair for one lesson," etc.  You get the idea.  Ahhhhh! The little things that get your kids excited about school and so glad to be in your class. :)

Here's our class quilt that we created the first week of school.  I'm pretty proud of it, I'm not going to lie.  The kids each created a square that included 4 squares within:
Square 1 - Their name
Square 2 - Something they are good at or love to do
Square 3 - UCLA (our class college)
Square 4 - What "College for Certain" means to them
I was pretty impressed with what they came up with.  I've produced quite the little artists.  You should have seen their jaws drop when I told them there could not be any white showing on their square. :)  Of course, after all the dramatics were said and done, I think they were pretty shocked at what they came up with too.

And, one of my favorites occured today with this little gem:

The kiddos earned their last "class point" and voted on having a cookie party to celebrate their hard work.  Well, what better book to read while we ate our homemade chocolate chip cookies?

Now, this is not your average storybook.  And I always let the kids in on a little secret before I read this book.  This book is not for babies or little kindergarteners.  It's got jokes that only fifth graders will understand.  It's basically Dick Tracy meets the cookie jar with some awesome cookie humor within.

But of course I have to thank my amazing mentor teacher, Joni, for introducing me to this amazing book!  The kids adore it, and love that they are old enough to get the jokes.  Haven't heard of it yet?  Go grab it from Barnes and Nobles or Amazon when you get a chance.  It's a keeper.

And so, I leave you with one last little tidbit from the joys of teaching 5th grade...

A boy in my class raises his hand.
(This boy clearly has not learned how to whisper yet...)
"Ms. Friedrich, I'm having a problem.  My teeth are really hurting.  But I brushed my teeth this morning so I don't get it."
Holding in laughter and a calm teacher face.  Students around us do the same, looking to me to see if they'll get in trouble if they laugh...
"Jacob, I'm not really a dentist, so I don't really know what you want me to do for you.  How about a drink of water from the fountain?"
"Yeah, that should work."

Haha...glad my teacher hats include a dentist one now too.

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